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24-Hour Monitoring & Call Response for Medical, Fire and Police Alert at the Touch of a Button

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Lifenet Medical Alert

Lifenet medical alert system at Stat communications - Watertown, NY

Medical Alert Systems for Medical, Fire and Police at the Touch of a Button

LIFENET is a 24-hour medical alert system that acts as a helpline for you and your loved ones. S.T.A.T. Communications offers medical alert systems near Watertown, NY and across New York state that come with free equipment and installation. For more information, call 315-782-7770.

A Medical Alert System Offering Safety & Convenience for the Whole Family

"I live alone and love it. My kids used to worry about me, but LIFENET gives them a good reason not to worry. They know all I need to do is touch the button on my necklace and I'll be speaking directly to a local representative. I feel safe now knowing that if I fall or if something happens help is at the touch of a button."

24-Hour Monitoring Assures You of the Help You Need When You Need It

When the button on your wrist or on your necklace is pressed, S.T.A.T. Communications first calls you and then the authorities to send the necessary help you need. After sending help, your monitoring station calls the people on your personal call list to let them know your medical alert system was used. For only pennies a day, a medical alert system is a great investment in the well being of all your loved ones.

medical alert systems near watertown ny from stat communications

If you have children home alone for a couple of hours while you finish work and drive home, LIFENET offers one of the best medical alert systems to meet your needs. Now you know that your child can get help at a touch of a button.

Lifenet Medical Alert System Accessories

lifenet medical alert system near watertown ny image of wristband and medical alert deviceA compact, waterproof design and long–life batteries make our pendants an excellent companion for the LIFENET Medical Alert System. Whether worn around the neck or on your wrist, help is always at your fingertips.

Lifenet Medical Alert Systems Are the Answer

All S.T.A.T. Communications LIFENET Medical Alert Systems are available with free installation and equipment. More than 50,000 LIFENET telephone alert systems have been relied upon to provide convenient, easily accessible medical assistance. Special features:

  • This medical alert system features optional two way voice. This means you won't even need to use a phone
  • The medical alert system Pendant or Watch is always available for use at a simple push of a button
  • Proven, cutting edge technology
  • Automated reserve battery acts as a back up
  • The keypad lights up for easy-to-see commands

Get Medical Alert Systems Near Watertown, NY & Across NY

S.T.A.T. Communications offers affordable medical alert systems. Don't wait and risk being too late-- request a quote today.

Local Monitoring 

STAT Communications is the only security company in Central and Northern New York with a local call center to dispatch prompt and accurate emergency responses.

Every system that we install is specifically tailored to your home or business’s needs. No matter the threat, STAT has you covered.

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