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About every 15 seconds, a burglary happens in the U.S. No one thinks it can happen to them, but every year it happens to about 2 million homes. While the numbers are surprising, the emotional, financial and sometimes physical damages are all too real for many families. 

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Fact: Home Security Systems Near Syracuse, NY Make You Safer

Home security systems don't just provide peace of mind. They provide real protection for you, your family and your cherished valuables.

A Rutgers University study found that a steady decrease in burglaries coincided with an increase in registered home alarm systems. The study also found that an installed home security system makes a home less attractive to would-be criminals. 

Other research has shown that 90% of burglars avoid properties with home security systems. Research has also found that properties without home security systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes that have security systems. 

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Get High Tech Home Security Systems At Low Costs

alarm systems for homes near syracuse ny from stat communicationsSTAT Communications' home alarm systems feature cutting edge technology to provide the latest advancements in home protection. Through the use of a sophisticated network of control panels, alarms, monitoring technology and emergency response features, STAT Communications offers the protection you need to keep you and your loved ones safe. Whether you're at home, out to work or on the other side of the country, our home security systems guard your home.

The rapid speed of technology allows STAT Communications to offer our high end home security systems for low, affordable monthly prices. Each home has custom pricing for home security systems to meet each of our customer's needs.

You may be surprised by how budget friendly our home security systems can be for your home. Often, the cost of home security systems can be much less than what you'd have to pay to cover the cost of stolen or damaged property. To get an estimate on how much our home security systems can cost...

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With Home Security Systems, You May Save Even More On Homeowners Insurance

Typically, home security systems can save homeowners an estimated 10% on home security systems near syracuse ny from stat communicationstheir homeowners insurance. This is often because these home security systems make a home better protected and, in turn, less likely to be damaged by criminals. While homeowners insurance savings can't be guaranteed with the installation of a home security system, an alarm system for homes can provide greater protection for you, your family, your home and everything in it.

A Trusted Source For Home Security Systems Near Syracuse, NY For Generations

For over 50 years, STAT Communications has provided state-of-the-art home security systems near Syracuse, NY, Watertown, NY and the greater Central New York (CNY) region. While the technology has advanced and changed since John Dawley started the business in the 1950s, our commitment to keeping our neighbors safe has stayed the same. 

Also Offering Protection to Businesses in Our Community

As well as home security systems near Syracuse, NY, STAT Communications also offers the latest in security systems, security cameras and much more to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. 

Learn more about our commercial security systems, or browse all of our security solutions that are custom to meet the needs of businesses. 

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Local Monitoring 

STAT Communications is the only security company in Central and Northern New York with a local call center to dispatch prompt and accurate emergency responses.

Every system that we install is specifically tailored to your home or business’s needs. No matter the threat, STAT has you covered.

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