Wireless Security System

wireless security system and alarm systems from stat communications near syracuse ny and watertown ny
STATNET is a brand-new wireless security system service from STAT Communications that offers you state-of-the-art features, convenience, and reliability for your new or existing alarm system.

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STATNET Internet & Cellular Alarm System Transmission

Until recently, home security systems could only transmit alarm system signals over telephone lines, leaving them vulnerable to outages and sabotage. And, no matter how little you used your wired phone, you still had to maintain land-line service just for the alarm system. But now you can cancel your old-fashioned telephone line when you subscribe to STATNET, STAT Communications' new service for alarm system transmission over the internet or cellular network.

If you intend to keep your land-line service, STATNET can still function as a fully redundant backup wireless security system, protecting the integrity of your alarm system from phone company failures, natural disasters, and even the most determined or well-equipped burglars.

remote home monitoring services by stat communications near syracuse ny and watertown ny

Wireless Security Systems: Smartphone & PC Remote Services 

Whether at home, across the street, or on the other side of the world, you can now use your iPhone, Android, or personal computer to remotely monitor and control your STATNET-equipped alarm system. With the optional STATNET video camera, you can also remotely view live video.

STATNET Wireless Security System Lets You Remotely Monitor…

  • Automatically receive a text message or email for any monitored condition: Know the minute your kids have arrived home from school or when a liquor cabinet has been opened
  • View live video to ensure that your home, children, and pets are safe
  • Review real-time or logged events, like armed state, past alarms, or the current status of flood or temperature sensors

And Remotely Control

  • Add, change, and delete user codes
  • Arm and disarm alarm system for guests or repairmen
  • Activate HVAC, lights, and appliances
  • Manage automatic arming schedules

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Convenience & Security From STATNET Wireless Security System

wireless security system for home from stat communications near syracuse ny and watertown ny and syracuse ny
With our cutting edge wireless security system, you can keep watch on your alarm system and the people it protects, making sure you can be there even when you're not. Our wireless security system provides peace of mind, keeping you in the know about who's at your home when your away. 

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For over 50 years, families have trusted STAT Communications to protect their home and the people they care about who live there. Throughout our history, we've provided state-of-the-art security systems that keep our neighbors safe. 

We can install an affordable alarm system and wireless security system to keep your home protected.

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Local Monitoring 

STAT Communications is the only security company in Central and Northern New York with a local call center to dispatch prompt and accurate emergency responses.

Every system that we install is specifically tailored to your home or business’s needs. No matter the threat, STAT has you covered.

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