Commercial Video Monitoring

cctv cameras and security cameras by stat communications near syracuse, ny and watertown ny

CCTV Cameras & Security Cameras for Businesses Near Watertown, NY

"High-end CCTV cameras" used to mean two things: big expense and endless rotation and replacement of video cassettes. Today, STAT Communications offers many affordable CCTV cameras that will work in a small business all the way up to a large industrial complex.

Freed from the limitations of videotape and CRT monitors, CCTV cameras have entered a new era of convenience and functionality. Digital video recorders, IP cameras, and remote Internet viewing of live and recorded video have become commonplace and affordable.

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There are many Benefits of having CCTV Cameras from STAT Communications

Security cameras give you the ability to quickly review video when an incident happens, then burn that video onto a DVD or Flash drive to turn over to the authorities.

Remote Access to your DVR gives you the ability to watch over your business from anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet and mobile device.

STAT Communications state-of-the-art surveillance cameras protect your assets, allowing you to track inventory even when you are not at your location.

Security Cameras Protect You and Your Bottom Line

Our affordable surveillance cameras help cover your business from a liability claim.

Place security cameras wherever a problem has been occurring: indoor, outdoor, day, night and covert locations, STAT Communications' surveillance cameras can help you monitor all of these locations.

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Surveillance Cameras Suited For Your Business

STAT Communications will train you on how to effectively use your new surveillance cameras and its associated software.

STAT Communications has installed surveillance camera systems in virtually every type of location:

  • Airport
  • Educational
  • Gaming
  • Transportation/ Mobile
  • Government
  • Corrections
  • Finance/Banking
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Covert Monitoring

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Local Monitoring 

STAT Communications is the only security company in Central and Northern New York with a local call center to dispatch prompt and accurate emergency responses.

Every system that we install is specifically tailored to your home or business’s needs. No matter the threat, STAT has you covered.

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