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access control systems by stat communications near syracuse, ny and watertown ny

Providing Access Control Systems Near Watertown, NY

Does your facility have areas to protect valuable assets or sensitive information? Do you have the need to monitor & restrict who accesses these areas? Do you have multiple facilities, where having one access control key will work at all of your facilities and can be managed from a central location? Would you like to immediately revoke lost or stolen access control keys? No longer replace unrecovered door keys or access control keys from dismissed employees?

STAT Communications can design a state of the art access control system that integrates the most advanced security technologies. From a single door to a full college campus with innovative network capabilities.

  • Keyless entry with Fob or Proximity card
  • Door Strikes and Magnetic Locks
  • Control where and when your employees can access your building
  • Access reports remotely
  • User Management Systems

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Get Cutting Edge Access Control Systems

S.T.A.T. Communications provides both physical and logical access control solutions. We provide creative, custom access control systems to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Through collaboration, S.T.A.T. Communications will work with your identified access control needs to provide affordable and effective access control systems. We can determine the most appropriate access control solution for the unique layout of your facilities, evaluating potential entry points and providing the most secure solution to meet your budget.

From installation of key and lock systems that are convenient for authorized personnel but prohibitive for intruders, to state-of-the-art integrated networks that limit access, S.T.A.T. Communications access control systems include a variety of solutions that are made to meet each of our customer's unique needs.

Access control from S.T.A.T. Communications protects your business with advanced security technology solutions, empowering your business to limit access where needed, keeping your facility and sensitive information and materials safeguarded from attempted or potential breaches.

Access Control Systems for NY State

As well as servicing Watertown, NY and the surrounding regions, S.T.A.T. Communications' access control systems are available almost anywhere across New York State, including, but not limited to: Syracuse, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester, Albany and many more. Our access control systems aren't limited to the Watertown, NY region, offering the security solutions you need for your professional organization in New York State.

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To learn more about STAT Communication Access Control options or to get a quote, contact us at 315-782-7770.

Local Monitoring 

STAT Communications is the only security company in Central and Northern New York with a local call center to dispatch prompt and accurate emergency responses.

Every system that we install is specifically tailored to your home or business’s needs. No matter the threat, STAT has you covered.

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